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Winter Vacation Essentials

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A winter vacation seems like a blissful prospect. Those warm winter cabins, the thrill of the ski slopes, the hot cocoa afterwards… At least these are thoughts occupying your mind before you get down to the actual business of planning for the trip and deciding what to pack. At that point, it is more biting cold, difficult weather conditions, and how to make sure these don’t ruin your trip! Of course, millions go for winter vacations ever year and bring back with them nothing but great memories. Once you actually get there, all the problems seem to melt like snow.

When it comes to preparing for a winter trip, there is a range of quite simple and easy-to-follow advice and packing tips that can take the stress right out of the process. Of course, you need to know what these are.

In short, we are talking about nothing more complicated than the benefits of being well prepared. But beyond warm clothes, what are the most important things to pack for a winter vacation? This is where some problems can arise. It is actually quite easy to swing too far the other way and overprepare – or to pack more than you actually need. The fear of inclement weather (as opposed to a sunny beach) tends to make people a little overcautious. Follow that route, however, and you could be overly encumbered from the moment you set out – and you could be paying a lot more for your baggage at the airport!

Winter Essentials

With that in mind then, a list of the absolute essentials can be especially useful. A simple checklist can go a long way to alleviating mental stress. Here then are some of the most important things to pack:

One Warm Jacket

An external jacket is not something you’re going to have to wash during your trip, so you only need to bring one per person. However, it’s important to make sure that this one jacket is up to the job. One of the best choices is a sturdy down jacket. These are great insulators against the cold, and they offer good protection against wind too.

Skincare and Medicine

And speaking of that wind, it’s important to pack something for your skin as well. The cold can dry out the skin, which can become very uncomfortable. Be sure, therefore, to pack the most effective moisturizing and skincare products in order to combat this. A few over-the-counter medicines to combat cold-induced illnesses is also a great idea. Cough syrups and flu or fever medications (administered as a hot tea) are much recommended.


You are not going to the beach, but sunglasses are nevertheless an important thing to pack. The reason for this is that a winter wonderland can be very harsh on the eyes. As well as the bright winter sun, you also have pristine white snow to contend with. And if you are doing any winter sports, sunglasses become a safety essential. There is no need to break the bank, however. Simply pick up some sunglasses, such as those produced by wholesalers Olympic Eyewear, from the rack at a local store. They are sold almost anywhere and will more than do the job.

The Right Footwear (And Handwear)

In cold weather, it’s your extremities that are most likely to suffer first. While keeping your core temperature up with a good jacket is the most important thing, you can get pretty uncomfortable pretty fast without a good thermal pair of boots and some thick gloves.

Beyond these oft-forgotten essentials, it is fairly obvious what you need to pack for a winter trip. Make sure these bases are covered, and the rest should be easy.

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