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Things to Consider While Buying A Refrigerator

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A fridge is a necessary appliance in every kitchen. It is an appliance that is used for years, so it becomes a challenge to find one that suits your lifestyle. Even if you are in the market to replace your old refrigerator there are some crucial things you need to consider before embarking on a shopping trip.

Kitchen space

Find the height, width, and depth of the space, you are planning to place the fridge. Leave 25mm free space at the back, sides, and top. During the refrigeration process, heat gets produced and so space is necessary to allow the hot air to escape. Measure the doorways and entryways to ensure that the chosen fridge gets delivered inside your home.

You will also need to consider where you desire the fridge door to open because walls and cabinetry can stop them to open properly. It will allow you to opt for the right hinged door – lift or right. Some fridges have reversible doors, which allows you to hinge on either side. Reversible doors are great for a kitchen with limited space. If it is the festival season, then you will certainly get rabais Frigidaire [discount on Frigidaire].

Fridge size

Some kitchen layout can limit the fridge size but there are the ones that suit your need and offers sufficient space. Even small units have internal designs that maximize the capacity.

Consider what you wish to store inside the refrigerator including frozen food, leftovers, bottled beverages, vegetables, etc.

Now write down your preferences like high energy efficiency, smart features or large freezer space to narrow the choices. Match the number of family members who will use the fridge with the refrigerator volume/capacity [liters].

If space is not an issue, then choose a big fridge but if there is less space, then choose a refrigerator with retractable shelves and adjustable layouts. A small fridge can feel bigger with these features.

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Fridge types

  • Four-door
  • French door
  • Side by side
  • Top mount
  • Bottom mount
  • Built-in
  • Bar fridges
  • Integrated fridges
  • Wine fridges

Important features

  • Adjustable shelves– Shelves with raised plastic lips can stop the spilled liquid from spreading. Shelves are removable and easy to clean.
  • Child-proof settings– Helps to keep your kids safe from the temperature controls, draw compartments, ice dispensers, etc.
  • Water and ice dispensers– With just pushing button water and ice start to flow freely.
  • Temperature & humidity control– Fridge and Freezer settings can be controlled separately. Smart temperature sensors are available that automatically adjust the settings.
  • Energy star rating– Ratings differ. The more the rating the greater the energy efficiency unit offers.
  • Lighting– LED lights are energy-efficient and less heat gets transmitted and thus reduces the chances of temperature fluctuation inside the unit [less impact on food quality].
  • Sound– 42 decibels will not be an issue.
  • Air deodorizers– Active carbon filters help to eliminate the unpleasant odors and keep food and beverages hygienic and fresh. Some models feature anti-bacterial agents, which prevents the growth of mold and harmful bacteria.
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