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4 Materials to Consider When Buying Outdoor Furniture

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Are you buying furniture for your outdoor patio? Let this guide by meubles calligaris, guide you.


There are two types of aluminum. Hollow or extruded, or cast (solid). Both are finished by a number of powder coating options. Cast aluminum is made by sand casting. The molten aluminum is put into the sand mold to form a structure. The structures formed are solid which makes them quite strong and durable. Extruded aluminum is hollow, light in weight than cast aluminum. The element is pushed via a die and forms the shape of the mold. The tubes pushed via the die are hollow and welded together to form furniture pieces. Extrusions that have internal ribbing will lead to most durable, dent bend proof extrusions. Aluminum never fades and needs minimal maintenance.

Poly lumber and polywood

They are made of recyclable materials and have great durability and warranty. They are ideal for cottage or deck and are of low maintenance and stain resistant as well. All you have to do is just wash them and dry. Unlike wood and plastic, these elements don’t have mold or mildew as well. They are available in a lot of colors that keep the fading, extreme sunrays, and UV light at bay. They are heavy in weight, durable and meant to withstand multiple elements.

Resin wicker or poly rattan

They are similar and people often tend to confuse the two. Rattan is a material in itself and wicker is a style of weave. Poly rattan is a synthetic material that is strong and durable as is extracted from natural vine plant rattan and of course in an ecofriendly way. Resin wicker looks like naturally woven material with the help of a synthetic material meant to withstand the external elements. They are usually made on an aluminum frame because they are lightweight. This furniture also comes with cushions composed of all weather and are also fade resistant.

Teak wood

It is natural and is quite strong and durable in nature. Teak furniture tends to last for years if maintained properly. All you need is minimal care and a quick wipe with damp cloth. Always use teak oil on a yearly basis to sustain the finish for prolonged periods of time. Teak is loaded with high levels of oil and wax it in which is super helpful in resisting moisture quite well.

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