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The Darksaber: Facts You May Not Have Known

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The Mandalorian ultimately brings the darksaber to life, which has been a fixture in Star Wars canon for a long time. We learn more about this legendary weapon.

Despite being a lightsaber, the Darksaber is unlike any other elegant weapon previously seen. The weapon has a long history that distinguishes it from standard lightsabers, and its appearance and handling are unique in their way. Before you decide to get yourself a saber or a gift for a loved one, here are a few facts about this classic weapon that you might not know.

Its history is very critical

As a result, the weapon’s history is highly crucial. It’s critical to keep the blade because of its historical significance. The legacy, on the other hand, may have been tarnished by the many users who have used it since its inception.

It’s one-of-a-kind not just because of its design, which features a shorter handle and blade-like components instead of the typical lightsaber, but also because it’s a member of the Vizsla clan. The Vizslas have maintained the blade’s tradition by passing it down.

It has benefits in governance

Of course, brandishing the Darksaber comes with a slew of additional benefits. The Darksaber can potentially be utilized to rule one of Manadalore’s most powerful clans, the Vizslas, thanks to the blade’s illustrious history.

The blade can effectively be utilized to acquire complete control over the world and its inhabitants because this is one of the main elements of their civilization.

It can cause an emotional reaction

The Darksaber, like the lightsaber, has a solid link to the forces; that is why it is so popular among those who can sense the galaxy’s potent energy. Unlike a lightsaber, which Sith or Jedi nearly usually use, it is not utilized primarily by force bearers.

The Darksaber’s connection to the force, on the other hand, has tangible ramifications. A weapon’s emotional reaction to its user is possible. The blade might become jagged or unsteady as the user becomes increasingly enraged or angry.

Its representation reflects its wielder

The colors of the lightsaber can have a lot of meaning for the person who wields it. Their characteristics will determine the color of a Jedi’s saber.

As a result, the Darksaber stands for something very distinct from the typical Jedi. It represents a desire for power and a level of selfishness that is unusual in the Jedi Order. It also symbolizes somebody who wants to control rather than merely follow.

It utilizes kyber crystals

Kyber crystals are used to make classic lightsabers. These crystals are closely associated with power usage, and obtaining them is frequently a component of a Jedi’s mission. A Jedi’s standard colors are green or blue, with purple or yellow was thrown in.

This is a Darksaber; thus, it’s black with a white glow. Despite its appearance, the Darksaber is powered by kyber crystals, although highly unusual ones.


The darksaber contains one of the most potent lightsaber crystals. Also, it is the only single weapon all Mandalorians respect.

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