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What are the major features of a cordless vacuum cleaner?

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If you are looking to buy a cordless vacuum cleanerit is better to know the following necessary features of the device beforehand.


Since you are going with a cordless vacuum cleaner, you will feel it lighter than the regular corded cleaning unit. You can witness a change in weight of about three kilograms between the two as the unit will weigh only about three kilograms. If you have a small home or you need to carry your cleaner all over the home, you can go for this lighter and easily portable cleaning unit. So, it is vital to check the weight of the model before you purchase a cordless unit.

Handheld and stick options

There will be two options for you with a cordless vacuum cleaner. Either you can use it as a stick vacuum with an elongated tube-like structure that will let you clean your floors without bending or you can go with a handheld mode handling the unit in your hands directly without using any stick. You can find cordless vacuum cleaners with both of these facilities. Almost all cordless vacuum cleaners will have this option. If you have to clean a small area or an intricate position, you can try cleaning it with the handheld mode. If you want to clean a large floor at one stretch, you can consider using the stick mode. Although you use a long stick in the latter mode, it will not feel difficult to handle the unit because of its lightweight. However, you can ensure that your device has both modes before buying it.


It is better to know the capacity of your cordless vacuum unit’s collection bin.

Batter capacity

Another vital thing to consider while buying a cordless vacuum is the capacity of the battery. You are not going to work with a wired vacuum cleaner that you can keep charging while cleaning your home. Since the device works only with the help of a chargeable battery, you should consider the following factors.

Run time – The runtime is the time to which you can use a fully-charged battery to clean up your floors. Usually, you will get a unit with a runtime of somewhere around 10 minutes to 1 hour. It is better to choose the one with more runtime. If you are operating your device at its full capacity, your battery will drain fast.

Charging time – It is necessary to know the time required to charge your battery to the fullest capacity. Let us consider that the charging hours of a device is 10 hours. If you want to clean your room at 8 pm, you have to put it to charge in the morning itself. Else, you would be in trouble. So, knowing the charging time of your battery is vital.

Swaps – You can get a device that has a swappable battery system. In such a case, even if your battery drains completely, you can swap the batteries and clean your room.

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