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Top Makeup Tips Teenagers

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At teens, the girls simply become more conscious about their personal looks and appearances. So appearing the most beautiful is considered as a vital issue among the teenage girls. They have a constant pressure of looking good and beautiful; however, if they fail to do so, they end up turning unattractive by adding stress in their life. In order to look hot and beautiful, you are supposed to follow some important Makeup Artist tips. Also, you need to have a proper knowledge about these beauty tips so that you could benefit the best from these. Have a look at some of the top makeup tips for teenagers.

Use the right makeup products

The most important tip to look good for teenagers in a long run is to select right kind of products for makeup application. Teenager’s skin is subtle and soft; hence using any wrong makeup product could permanently damage their skin. Consider makeup products, which are made up of natural ingredients rather the ones using toxic chemicals. A majority of makeup products contains harmful chemicals; hence you are supposed to check the ingredients before buying them to apply over your skin. Though the chemical based makeup products could make you beautiful instantly, but they have a number of long term repercussions over your skin. They can damage as you reach in your thirties and you can contact Makeup Artist in Mumbai for better makeup.

Your skin

Before your makeup, the skin has to be cleansed using a cleanser as per your skin type. After applying the cleaner, make sure you thoroughly wash your face and neck. Also, avoid rubbing too hard, rather do it gently in a circular motion and rinse properly followed by cleaning with dry and clean towel. Your makeup starts with a foundation. Though many teenagers do not need foundation, yet it could be used to change the skin tone or simply cover the blemishes. While applying the foundation, make sure you do it with easy hand using a fluffy and big brush instead of trying the powder puff.

The eyes makeup

For this, you need to start with your eye brows. Since they simply frame your entire face, hence you need to keep them neat. In order to give eye brows a right shape, make sure you try professional eye waxing. This will help you in keeping a perfect look using a pair of tweezers and mirror. Now, curl your eyelashes before you actually apply anything for your eye makeup. The eye make has several options; however, for teenagers it is fun to try some shimmery kinds of eye shadows as they will give a good look. The right way to apply them is to use a minimal quantity of eye shadow and properly blend over your eye crease.

If you are interested in wearing the eyeliner avoid putting over your upper or lower lids. However, if you put inside either of the eye portions, it could simply help the bacteria to move inside your eyes thus getting a couple of nasty infections. Hence it is better to use eyeliner over the top lid very close to the lash line. This should follow the use of a cotton swab or try using a good makeup brush and then apply the color over your lashes. For the lower lashes, simply apply the dots of eyeliner in between the lashes followed by blending it properly.

For cheeks and lips

For cheeks, you could try some gel blush or any suitable cream. The Pinks are the best option for teenagers, while you could even try rosy pink for darker choice. All you need to do is to put the blush over the cheeks’ apples followed by blending properly. For the lips, the best option for teenagers is to try is a gloss as it gives you the best shine. Avoid using heavy lipsticks and the lip liners since they are too heavy for teenagers to try and could even give an older looks, which you will not afford to have.

Final word

During the teens, the girls simply want to look hot and beautiful. Using the above top tips, you could certainly enhance your beauty. However, if you still want to try something more, you could consult beauty professionals to look cool and beautiful. Enjoy being beautiful with the above top tips for teenagers.

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