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Should I Buy a Diamond Solitaire or Other Engagement Ring?

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While popping that special question, who doesn’t wish to sweep-off their special person with happiness and astonishment? It is obvious to take every possible effort to make the special someone feel what they mean for you as you start a new beginning with them. A perfect date at their favourite restaurant, box full of their favourite chocolates, enticing music to lit up the mood and a lot more. But all this can seem to be incomplete without a perfect ring. It is true that your love and gesture is all that matters, but a ring you choose is something that is going to be a symbol of that love and commitment and hence holds a lot of importance.

Now the question is which ring would be the perfect ring for her? Would it be something in a traditional gold shade to complement her penchant for a simple and chic look or one with bold dazzling gem to go with her quirky charisma, an intricately crafted ring with multiple diamonds or a striking solitaire diamond ring? The options are endless, and imaginations and budget only fuel these options further making it almost impossible to choose one. We cannot tell you the exact piece for your special one as it is a process you alone will have to go through. But what we can do is take you one step closer to your decision by helping you choose between the Diamond solitaire ring and other engagement rings.

Here are a few points that will help you understand the characteristics of both the options in detail.

Why you must choose a solitaire diamond ring as your engagement ring?

  1. If you are spending a fortune on the ring that is special to you and your partner with a gemstone let it be the most loved one, a diamond ofcourse. A huge diamond stone can talk for your immense love like no other stone.
  2. If your lady has an explicit style that strikes a balance between style and elegance with classic elements of fashion, then stop here. A solitaire diamond ring is the option for you.
  3. If you are planning to go for a classic wedding band, then there is a diamond solitaire ring is undoubtedly the epitome of the love and deserves to be a symbol of your special bond.
  4. If you want your lady to make her friends awe and envy at the same time with her special engagement ring then get her a solitaire diamond ring right away and let her flaunt it.

Why choose other engagement ring?

  1. In case you feel that a solitaire diamond ring is too traditional, then you can skip the option and choose to opt for anew age design with multiple gems and more colours.
  2. If you wish to have utmost bling for the money you pay, then it is more advisable to go for an attractive cluster of multiple gems rather than settling down for a single one.
  3. If you or your partner are extremely creative and like to flaunt your flair for statement pieces then skip the usual solitaire diamond ring option and choose a colourful ring that showcases different stones in a piece.
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