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Pros and cons of a waterproof laptop sleeve

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A laptop sleeve is like a cover for your laptop that can be made from different materials like nylon, leather, or plastic. The basic purpose of these sleeves is to protect your device from dust, water, and minor knocks. The best type of sleeve one can buy is a water proof laptop sleeve. It will protect your laptop not only from dust but also from water, and other drinks which might fall accidentally on it.


Protect the laptop

The basic advantage of having a waterproof laptop sleeve with you is protection against dust, water, etc. Laptops are not cheap devices and not everyone can afford frequent buying or repairing. So, it is better to take care and ensure its long life. Such a sleeve will prevent it from minor falls, drink spillage, and exposure to rain.

Keeps it clean

When you put the device in the sleeve the need to clean it frequently reduces. You can easily clean the outer parts like keypad, screen, etc. but what about inner parts, it is not easy if the laptop does not provide easy access to such parts. Therefore, a laptop sleeve will keep the laptop clean and it will increase its useful life.


The sleeves are made in a way that they are easy to carry. Unlike laptop bags and briefcases, they are not bulky. If you do not carry too many accessories with the laptop then it can be a good option as it is like a simple jacket for your laptop which is lightweight.


Is it really water repellent?

The waterproof laptop sleeves offer protection against water and drinks. But you should understand that such protection is limited to the absorbing or repelling power of the material. It will be unrealistic to expect protection when a laptop falls in a swimming pool and remains there for hours. The waterproof protection is limited to an extent. The same goes with the accidental falls, it can bear a fall from a small height.

Not good for traveling

If your job makes you travel too much then a sleeve might not be very useful for you. As it lacks the handles or straps to hold. And this is why in traveling you might need to pair the sleeve with a bag or briefcase incurring extra cost.

Too simple design

Being simple is an advantage as well as a disadvantage for a laptop sleeve. If your work requires too many accessories to be carried with the laptop then a sleeve might not work for you. Some professionals always carry equipment like mics, lenses, delicate cables, etc. and a sleeve does not have much space to hold and protect them.


Looking at the pros and cons of the laptop sleeves, it is surely a handy product that will keep your laptop safe. Although there are some limitations to it, the benefits overpower. For keeping the laptop clean, and protected against water spills and falls you can definitely prefer the lightweight and simple sleeves. It is best if you want to simply carry your laptop and a few accessories for it.

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