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Cheap Camera Accessories to Make Capturing Images Easier

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I think we can all agree that camera equipment is extremely expensive. Fortunately, there are some products that are not as costly as others and will get the job done efficiently. It is a common misconception that cheap camera accessories are shoddy and will eventually breakdown however these items are worth the investment and maybe all the person can afford.

Battery holder

Most photographers have many spare batteries for their cameras, however, they may not have a way to keep their batteries organized. This is where a battery holder would come into play as they can hold 2 or as much as 4 spare batteries.

Memory card wallet

Comparable to battery holders, it’s also a beneficial idea to invest in a memory card wallet. Even though many individuals believe in having fewer memory cards so they aren’t easily lost, camera file sizes will inescapably become larger meaning they will probably need to get more memory cards.

For persons using more than one memory card, they need to generate a method to keep them organized. For this reason, a memory card wallet is convenient as it not only to keeps a record of the memory cards, but also indicates which ones are empty, and which are full by inserting them upside down when full and switching the direction when empty.

Silver Sharpie

Ever noticed how a fair amount of camera gear tends to be a black color? From batteries and memory cards to camera frames and lenses, they all seem to have one thing in common, the color. This can make the process of marking them with your name or indicators to separate them difficult. A silver Sharpie can help persons with this.

Most people don’t kink they need them however they can be used to write a name or a unique identifier memory cards, camera batteries, external hard drives, and all sorts of items especially if they have a large number of memory cards. For example, an individual with 20 memory cards write their name and assign a number such as 4 on each of the memory cards.

LED flashlight

LED flashlights are compact and can easily be slipped into a camera bag so you may as well consider carrying one. Portable light sources possess a variety of functions, specifically assisting persons with locating gear in the camera bag where there is dim lighting. Flashlights can also be useful when composing a creative image through light painting or adding a touch of additional light to a setting.

External battery pack

External Battery packs may be controversial when it comes to their frugality, however, they have a moderately low purchase price provided long they can last. An external battery pack is particularly helpful now considering several modern cameras can be charged by USB input.

Additionally, persons can also energize their cell phones on the go, which is more than likely useful for photography due to the abundance of smartphone camera apps available to assist individuals to capture better photos.

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