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Best Baby Shower Gift Set Ideas 2021

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Are you still confused about what to get for your pregnant friends or welcome the new addition to your family? This article will offer you gift set ideas on what would make a great present that you can buy for baby showers.

Every mom-to-be wants something special to welcome the newest member of their family, and these gifts make it easy. Not only are they practical, but they are unique and personal.

  1. Breast Pump Storage Kit

A breast pump is a bit on the more expensive side, but it’s a necessity. So, it’s best to look for storage once you get one. A simple kit with a dry bag, hardcover case, or even a small cooler would be great for storing your breast pump in your purse or diaper bag.

Your friend will definitely thank you for this gift!

  1. Baby Grow with Mom’s Handprints

Nothing is more personal than mom’s handprints on her child’s baby growth that she will wear every day – the ultimate bonding moment with Mom. This gift set comes in a cute matching pack of three where you can write your favorite quotes too to complete the gift.

  1. A Mini Snack Box Filled

Does your friend still experience late-night cravings? Why not brighten her days with the most heavenly chocolate bars that are easy to munch on? This snack box gift box set will keep your friend’s blood sugar at bay.

  1. Cute Crochet Set

Every baby needs a cute, cuddly playset, and you can get one sign with your personal touch by crocheting it yourself or buying one in person with two little lovebirds. Either way, make sure to fill it with lovie toys and cute soft blankets.

  1. Pacifier with Paci-clip

Nothing is more heartbreaking than almost losing your baby’s pacifier or having it drop on the floor helplessly. Here is a perfect solution that will save you from that situation – clip it to your child’s clothing or stroller, and you won’t have to worry about losing the pacifier ever again!

  1. Hospital Essentials Box

Help him organize and prepare for delivery by adding a little box filled with hospital essentials. Make sure to add disposable nursing pads, small packs of baby wipes, and baby hand sanitizer. Those would be the most helpful things in the hospital for new parents while they are busy taking care of their little bundle of joy.

  1. Nurturing Wrap Blanket

A cute little blanket is a surprise gift that will bring a smile to any mom’s face. Get a pretty little lamb one if the mom-to-be has chosen a gorgeous name for her baby girl. Or else, get a thoughtful blanket with the mom-to-be’s name if she’s going to have a baby boy!

  1. Breastfeeding Pillow

Nowadays, breastfeeding pillows are common in every household, and they come in various designs and materials. Anything from nursing covers to blankets would work just fine. It is a wonderful newborn baby gift set that feels like home for new moms.

  1. Personalized Photo Album

Another wonderful way to celebrate your friend’s pregnancy is by creating a personal photo album with cute pictures of the two of you. Not only will this album bring back fond memories, but it can also be used as an excellent scrapbook for years to come!

  1. Baby Arrival Gift Set

Can’t wait to see the joy on your friend’s face when she opens this special gift? Best to have a little box filled with items that will help her get through labor. For example, maternity pads, a waterproof sheet for the bed, and a cute onesie for the baby.

There are a variety of newborn baby gifts that you can get for a dear friend or a new member of your family. Make sure to get something that you know will be useful for the mom-to-be and fit her style.

Look for cute ideas on the internet and buy them in person, or even go on Pinterest to add your personal touch to each baby gift box. You can even add a sweet note to let her know you truly care for her!

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